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When you call for an appointment, the appointment secretary will ask the nature of your eye problem. This enables her to determine how much time the visit will require. When calling for an appointment or a specific problem, please give the following information:

          1. How long have you had this condition?
          2. Was the onset gradual or sudden?
          3. How does it affect your vision?
          4. Do you have pain or discomfort?
          5. Do you wear contact lenses?

Our staff is trained to evaluate your eye complaints. If they are  unable to answer your question immediately, your problem will be  reviewed with the doctor, and your call returned promptly.

Each doctor has designated office hours several days each week.  Appointments must be made for ALL visits, both new appointments and  follow up visits. Working by appointment gives the doctor an opportunity  to allocate his time and adhere to a schedule as closely as possible.

We have revised our scheduling system in an attempt to keep your waiting time as short as possible. We hope you will bear with us if we  occasionally run late because of emergencies, surgical procedures that  may take longer than expected, or other unforeseen situations which may  result in delays.

We urge you to arrive on time for your appointment. New patients who were not mailed information sheets may print them from our website or arrive at least 15  minutes before their scheduled appointment time to complete our forms.  

This questionnaire asks about your past medical history, how long  your symptoms have been present, the names and doses of ALL medicines  you take and ANY ALLERGIES YOU HAVE. Please be sure to bring your eyeglasses and/or contact lenses and a current list of your medications.

Eye Care Staff

Eye Care Staff